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LG Front Loader Door Interlock Switch - Part # EBF49827803

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LG Front Loader Washing Machine Door Interlock Switch.

Part No. EBF49827803, LGF051.

This door switch suits some LG front loading washing machines including models F14A8TD, WD-14023D6, WD-14071SD6, F14A8TDS, F1495BD, WD-14130FD6, WD-14130RD6, WD-14130D6, WD-14070SD6, WD-F14427D, F14A8RDS, F14A8FD, WD-14024D6, WD-14135D6, WD-14030RD6, WD-14075D6, WD-14070D6, WD-14030RD, WD-14030D6, WD-14060SD6, WD-14060SD6, WD-14030FD6, WD-14060D6, WD-14039D6, WD-14030FD, WD-14030D, WD-14039D.

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