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LG Fridge White Door Closing Hook - Part # MJB63029901

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LG Fridge Door Closing Hook Stop.

Part No. MJB63029901.

Replaces Part Nos. 4620JJ2009A, 4620JJ2009B, MJB61990601

Small plastic hook used to assist the doors to close properly on some LG fridges.

Suitable for GM-B208ST, GM-B208STS, GM-B208BVS, GMB228JQCA, LFX25960SB, LFX25960TT, LRFC22750TT, LRFC25750SB, LRFD25850SB, LRFD25850TT, LRFD25850WW, LFC25760ST, LFX21960ST, LFC20760SW, LFD25860SW, LRFC25750TT, LFC25770TT, GRF258JBTA, LRFC22750ST, LFD22860TT, GRF258JVTA, LRFC22750SW, LFC20760SB, LFC25760SB, LFC25770SB, LFX25971ST, LFX25971SW, LFC20740ST, LFC20740SW, GRB258USNZ, GMF228JQKA, LFC20760ST, LFC25770ST, LFC25760SW, LFC25770SW, GRL218USGH, LFC25760TT, GRB218JSAA, GRL25AUSJH, LRFD22850ST, LRFD22850SW, GRL218SSKA, GMB228JTAA, GRB218JSCA, GRL218USJH, LRFD22850TT, LFD25860SB, GMB208JSAH, GRB218USAH, LMX25981SB models.

This part is suitable for both the LH & the RH doors.

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