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LG Fridge Water Valve Hose Connector Flare Nut - Part # 6631JA3003D

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LG Fridge Water Valve Feed Hose Connector Flare Nut.

Part no. 6631JA3003D.

Water feed hose connector nut which attaches the outlet hose to the inlet valve & the icemaker used on some LG two door refrigerators fitted with an icemaker.

Suits 6mm hose & 10mm metric thread on inlet solenoid.

Suits models GR-L207NIS, GR-242S  GRL257STS, GR-L247TS, GC-L197STF, GR-L258DS, GR-L207MSZ, GR-L814FBI, GR-L247NSS, GR-L247GTZ, GR-F218NID, GRP247JHMV, GR-P207DTUA, GW-P227STS, GR-P197QTJA, GR-L207GVZ, GR-L257NI, GR-L207NI, GF-5L712PL, GR-D257SL, GC-P197DPSL, GCL197NFS, GC-P197WFS, GR-P197WVS, GR-L207MGZ, GR-L257STS, GR-P197QJA, GR-P227STG, GR-P247MSZ, GR-L207GTZ, GR-P247STSL, GR-G227TVS, GR-P207TJA, GR-L219STS, GR-L227STG, GR-L247STB, GR-P247STL, GR-L21AUSJV, GCL197NIS, GR-L218CSL, GR-L207DTUA, GM-F208ST, GR-P197NIS, GR-L267NIS, GR-L197WVS, GR-L730SL, GRP227STG, GR-P257STB, GR P197NIS, GR-D730SL, GR-L247STSL, GR-P257STS, GR-L219STSL, GR-L218STSL, GR-L207NIS, GW-P227STS, GW-L227STS, GR-L247DPSL, GR-L247WV, GR-L197WVS, GR-L197NIS & possibly others.

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