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LG Fridge Fan/Light Switch, Dual Button - Part # 6600JB2005C

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LG Dual Fan & Light Switch to suit Refrigerator.

Part No. 6600JB2005C, RFLG007. Equivalent to 6600JB1003S, 6600JB2005A.

Dual pushbutton combination light & fan switch.

5 x 2.8mm spade connections.

Fits many LG refrigerators including models GN-S402GCA, GN-422FS, GN-422FW, GN-R422FS, GN-R422FW, GN-W422FW, GN-466FW, GN-R466FS, GN-R466FT, GN-R466FW, GN-R491FT, GN-R491FW, GN-B492CC, GR-391SCA, GR-431SCA, GR-R422JCA, GR-432SCA, GR-S462GC, GR-R463JCA, GR-R466JTA, GR-R491JCA, GR-R491JTA, GR-S512GC, GR-S512GCA, GR-S552GT, GR-S552GTA, GR-559FTD, GR-559FSDR, GR-559FWD, GR-559FWDR, GR-559JPA, GR-572TF, GR-R579JQA, GR-R579JTA, GR-S592GC, GR-S592GCA, GR-592GT, GR-S592GTA,  GR-642AP, GR-642APA, GR-S642AQ, GR-S642AQA, GR-S642AT, GR-S642ATA, GR-S702AQ, Kelvinator N476C.

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