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LG Fridge Compressor Overload Cutout - Part # 6750C-0004A, 149NFBYY-520

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LG Fridge Compressor Overload Cutout.

Part No. 6750C-0004A, 149NFBYY-520.

Replaces Part No. 6748C-0004C.

Overload has Klixon 4TM 149NFBYY & -520 printed on it.

Trip current - 1.15amps.

Suits some 230-240VAC compressors.

Fits LG fridge models GN-422FW, GN-422FS, GB-B539NSCPB, GB-F530PVQPB, GC-151SA, GC-W061BXH, GR-122SJB, GR-122SJP, GC-151SA, GR-151KF, GR-151SF, GR-151SFA, GR-151SU, GR-151SW, GR-151SSF, GC-154SQW, GR-161SSF, GR-171GTU, GR-171G, GN-205SQA, GN-205VW, GN-234SQA, GN-234VW, GN-253SQA, GN-253CW, GN-253VW, GR-262SQA, GR-292SQA, GN-S303GCA, GN-303SFA, GC-305WFB, GN-315FW, GR-332SFA, GN-S339GTA, GN-346FS, GR-349SQF, GR-349SQFA, GR-349STQA, GR-S352GCA, GR-372SFA, GR-391SCA, GR-S392GCA, GR-S392GTA, GR-431SCA, GR-432SFA, GR-S462GCA, GR-R463JCA, GR-482SFA, GR-S512GCA.

Installs in seconds.

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