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LG Fridge Complete Deodoriser with Cover - Part # ACQ73287901

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LG Fridge Deodoriser with Cover.

Genuine Part no. ACQ73287901.

Includes Deodoriser Part No. MCS61841401 & Cover Part No. MCK61947401.

Suits LG fridge models GC-B207BSJA, GC-B197DWL, GC-P197DPL, GC-B197DWL, GC-L197DWNL, GC-B197HW, GC-B197HPL, GC-P197HPL, GC-P197DPNL, GC-L197HPNL, GC-L197DPL, GC-L197DPNL, GC-L227FNSL, GC-P227FSL, GC-L207BVKV, GS-B207BSJA, GC-L207BVKV, GC-P207BVKV, GC-L197STF, GC-P197STL, GC-L197DSL, GC-L247ENSL, GC-L247ESL, GC-D247SL, GC-P207BVKV, GC-B197STF, GC-P197DPSL, GC-B197WFF, GS-L668PNL, GS-B679PL, GS-B680PL, GS-B680WL, GW-S6038AC, GS9366AEAV.

Air freshener & cover that clips onto the side of the fridge interior wall.

Total width - 89mm, depth - 14.2mm, height - 130mm, Freshener tablet - 45mm square.

This is not the only type of air freshener used in this brand, so please check before purchasing if your model number is not the same as the ones listed.

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