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LG, F&P, Simpson Dual Detergent Dispenser - Part # 4924FD2123E

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LG Dual Detergent Dispenser.

Part No. 4924FD2123E, replaces 4924FD2123A, 4924FD2123C.

Eltek Type 100418-82.

Equivalent to Qualtex DWU003, Electrolux part number 0141400013, 0141400019, Fisher & Paykel Part No. FP521269, 521269. Replaces FP473565, 473565. Eltek 100418-86, 100418-90.

Dual dispenser for detergent and rinse aid to fit many LG dishwasher models including LD1204W, LD12AW2, LD1403W, LD14AT1, LD14AT2, LD14AW1, LD14AW2, LD14AW3.

Dimensions of section that protrudes into the dishwasher - 205mm wide X 78mm high X 17.6mm thick. Dimensions of section the protrudes into the door cavity - 190mm wide X 64mm wide X 29mm thick. Hole spacing - 56mm vertical, 91mm horizontal.

Also fits late model Simpson & Westinghouse models and also all upright Fisher & Paykel dishwashers F&P L80, M80, S80, 262M, 272S, 282E, 292T, 3885M, 3885S, 3886M, 3886S, 3886T, 712M, 812E, 813E, 818S, 912T, 913T, 918TD, DW820 & DW920.

We get many enquiries for parts for these dispensers such as the soap flap, springs, solenoids, etc. Unfortunately no parts for this item are available separately from the manufacturer. It is only sold as a complete assembly. We may have the thermo actuator available separately here.

The FP521269 part and the 0141400019 part are identical except for a lighter grey colour and almost twice the price! DWU003 is white and also more expensive.

If you are unsure of the suitability of this part then please contact us with your brand and model number.

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