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LG Dishwasher Wash Pump Motor Assembly - Part # 5859DD9001A

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LG Wash Pump Motor Assembly.

Part No. 5859DD9001A, DW952, 4861ED1003C

Replaces 5859ED1001A, 5859ED1001E, 4681ED1001B, LGDW003.

Wash pump motor assembly to suit LG dishwasher models LD14AT2, LD14AT3, LD14AW2, LD14AW3, LD-1204W, LD-1204W1, LD1403W, LD2120W, LD4050W, LD4080T, LD4120M, LD-14AT2, LD-14AT3, LD-14AW2, LD-14AW3, LD-1403W, LD-1403W1, LD-1415T1, LD-1415W1, LD-2120W, LD-2040WH, LD-2050, LD-12AW5, LD-20525H, LD-2060LH, LD-2120WH, LD-2131SH, LD-2040WH, LD-2050WH, LD-2050MH, LD-2050SH, LD-2060LH, LD-2120SH, LD-2120WH, LD-2131SH, LD-2131WH, LD-2157LH, LD-2162LH, LD-4050W, LD-4080T, LD-4120M & others.

220-240VAC, 120Watt, 50Hz made by LG Electronics.

Interchangable with earlier 45Watt motor made by Jiangsu Sanjiang Appliance Company which uses a metal end bracket.

The earlier motor, the LG Electronics type and the new replacement have 3110ED2001 on the plastic pump housing.

This part often suffers from a broken impellor due to some foreign object getting past the filters. There are no internal parts available separately.

The symptom is hearing a slight noise when the wash pump motor is running, but no water circulates. The machine will still fill and empty. Often error code E1 comes up.

Reasonably easy to fit. Fully guaranteed.

This is not the only circulation motor used in LG diswashers. If your model is not listed above or you are not sure of the suitability, please contact us with your model number prior to purchasing.

We have been supplying appliance parts to the trade and retail for over 25 years. Buy with confidence.

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