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LG Dishwasher Righthand Door Hinge Assembly - Part # AEH36904401 + AEH36951701

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LG Dishwasher Righthand Door Hinge Assy.

Part Nos. AEH36904401 + AEH36951701.

Righthand door hinge assembly to suit LG dishwasher models including LD-12AS1, LD-12AW2, LD-1204W1, LD-1204M1, LD-1403W1, LD-1415M1, LD-1415T1, LD-1415W1, LD-1416T, LD-14AW2, LD-14AW3, LD2120W & LD4050W.

The part has changed slightly in design since early models were produced. The original hinge assemblies were all one piece. This kit includes two separate pieces.

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