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LG Defrost Overtemp Fuse & Temperature Sensor with Harness - Part # 6615JB2002T

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LG Temperature Sensor & Thermal Fuse with Harness.

Part No. 6615JB2002T, RFLG010.

Temperature sensor and defrost overtemp thermal fuse used in some electronic LG no frost refrigerators.

Fitted with 4 way plug.

Fits model GN-234CW, GN-234SQA, GN-234VW, GN-253CW, GN-253SQA, GN-253VW, GN-315FW, GN-346FS, GN-346FW, GN-422FS, GN-422FW, GN-466FW, GN-B392CLC, GN-B492CC, GN-B602YC, GN-R315FW, GN-R315FW, GN-R346FS, GN-R346FW, GN-R422FS, GN-R422FW, GN-R466FS, GN-R466FT, GN-R466FW, GN-R491FT, GN-R491FW, GN-S303GCA, GN-S339GCA, GN-S339GTA, GN-S402GCA, GN-W422FW, GR-262SQA, GR-262SQ, GR-292SQA, GR-292SQ, GR-298STQ, GR-349SQF, GR-349STQ, GR-389STQ, GR-391SCA, GR-431SCA, GR-559FSDR, GR-559FTD, GR-559FWD, GR-559FWDR, GR-559JPA, GR-602TVPF, GR-642APA, GR-642AP, GR-B652GCC, GR-B652YSP, GR-R422JCA, GR-R463JCA, GR-R466JTA, GR-R491JCA, GR-R491JTA, GR-R579JQA, GR-R579JTA, GR-S352GCA, GR-S352GC, GR-S392GCA, GR-S392GC, GR-S392GTA, GR-S392QTC, GR-S462GCA, GR-S462GC, GR-S512GCA, GR-S512GC, GR-S552GTA, GR-S552GT, GR-S592GCA, GR-S592GC, GR-S592GTA, GR-S592GT, GR-S642AQA, GR-S642AQ, GR-S642ATA, GR-S642AT, GR-S702AQ, GR-T632DVQ, GR-T692DVQ, GR-T712DVQ & others.

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