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LG Defrost Overtemp Fuse & Temperature Sensor with 900mm Harness - Part # 6615JB2002R

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LG Temperature Sensor & Thermal Fuse with Long Harness.

Part No. 6615JB2002R, RFLG029.

Temperature sensor and defrost overtemp thermal fuse used in some electronic LG no frost refrigerators.

Fitted with 4 way plug & 900mm lead.

Fits models GR-A207NIS, GR-B197GTQ, GR-B197GVQ, GR-B197NIS, GR-B197NSS, GR-B197WSS, GR-B197WV, GR-B197WVS, GR-B207DTZA, GR-B207NI, GR-B207NIS, GR-B207TTQ, GR-B207TVQ, GR-B207WV, GR-B226ACF, GR-B227STS, GR-B247WSS, GR-B247WV, GR-B247WVS, GR-G227TVS, GR-G267TV, GR-L197NIS, GR-L197VS, GR-L197WVS, GR-L207DTUA, GR-L207GTZ, GR-L207GVZ, GR-L207MGZ, GR-L207MSZ, GR-L207NI, GR-L207NIS, GR-L207WVS, GR-L227STG, GR-L247ER, GR-L247GTZ, GR-L247NI, GR-L247NIS, GR-L247NSS, GR-L247STB, GR-L247TS, GR-L247TSS, GR-L247WH, GR-L247WSS, GR-L247WV, GR-L247WVS, GR-L257NI, GR-L257STS, GR-L267NI, GR-L267NIS, GR-P197NIS, GR-P197QJA, GR-P197QTJA, GR-P197WVS, GR-P207DTUA, GR-P207DVUA, GR-P227STG, GR-P247MSZ, GR-P257STB, GR-P257STS, GR-P257SVB, GW-L227STS, GW-P227STS & others.

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