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Late Model Hoover Apollo Dryer Mesh Lint Filter - Part # 43611413

Late Model Hoover Apollo Dryer Mesh Lint Filter - Part # 43611413

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Lint Filter to suit Hoover Apollo Dryer with Press to Release Clips.

Part No. 43611413, HD43611413HG, HD046.

Filter fits onto grille located at the front of the dryer door.

Filter Diameter - 235mm.

Fits newer Hoover and Admiral dryers with a press to release front filter grille.

Models include D6776, D6776-016, D6786, D6788, , D6788-016, D6790, D6790-025, D6792, D6792-004, D6792-016, D6792-027, D6794, D6808, D6808-016, D6940, D6940-017, DF002, DF002-004, DF002-017, DF004, DF004-004, DF004-016, DF004-017, DF006, DF006-025, DF008, DF008-004, DF008-016, DF010, DF010-017, DF010-021, DF012, DF012-015, DF012-016, DF014, DF014-016, DF014-017, DF016, DF018-015, 3525DD*01, 3525DD*02,  3530DD*01, 3530DD*02, 5010D0AUS, 5015D, 5015D0AUS, 5020D, 5020D0AUS, 5030D, 5030D0AUS, 5030DB*01, 5030DB*02, 5030DD*00, 5030DD*01, 5030DD*02, 5030DE*00, 5040ED, 5040ED0AUS, 5040EDB*01, 5040EDB*02, 5040EDD*00, 5040EDD*01, 5040EDD*02, 5050ED, 5050ED0AUS, 5050EDB*01, 5050EDB*02, 5050EDD*00, 5050EDD*01, 5050EDE*00, Admiral D3610, D3620, D3630, D3640, D5200, D5300, Hoover Apollo 401, 404, 411, 412, 421, 422, Apollo Deluxe, Apollo Supreme, Auto Sense, Auto Sense Plus, Electronic.

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