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Kleenmaid, Speed Queen Commercial Dryer Drum Belt - Part # KS511255P, 511255P

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Kleenmaid Commercial Dryer Drum Belt.

Part No KS511255P, 511255P.

Fits Kleenmaid & Speed Queen dryer models SDG009WF, SDE107WA4350, KED453, KGD459, KED497W-4350, KGD499W-3058, KED513, KGD519, KED597W-4350, KGD599W-3058, LEG37, LEK33AW-4350, LGK33AW-3058, LEK37AW-F4350, LGK37AW-F3058, LGK37AWF-3060, LEK33AW-4350, KED499, LTKA6AWN4350, EE2007W-4350, EE2107W-4350, EG2109WV3058, SDE007WF, ADE3TFWS5431AW01, EE2107WT4350.

Diameter 54.4mm, Width 23.7mm.

Easy to fit. Fully guaranteed.

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