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Kleenmaid, Omega Large Gas Tap Valve for Gas Cooktops - Part # ME11730990

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Kleenmaid Wok Burner / Large Burner Gas Tap Regulator Valve.

Part No. ME11730990, 11730990.

Suits Kleenmaid models CH607W, CH607X, CH609W, CH609X 7271 Injector 0.55mm, CH311XFF,
CH611WF, CH611XFF, CH612XFF, CH711XFF, CH712XFF, CH911XFF, CH913XFF, CH915XFF, CH920XFF, CH1200XFF, CG90WOK2D/4D, CD60, CD60WOK2A, CG60, CG602, CG60WOK2, CG602BW, CG602BB, CG602BS, CG60WOK2A, CG60WOK2B, CG902, CG90WOK2, CG902, CGWOK2, FE904A (Sm), FEG2A and Omega models OG61WA, OG61XA, OG62XA, OG63XA, OG64XA, OG67XA, OG70XA. Also suits some Linea models.

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