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Kleenmaid LWK24, LWK74 Main Drive Belt - Part # KS200923, 200923

Kleenmaid LWK24, LWK74 Main Drive Belt - Part # KS200923, 200923

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Genuine Kleenmaid Washing Machine Main Drive belt..

Part No. KS200923, 200923.

Suits newest Kleenmaid large automatic washing machine models.

Belt diameter - 24.5cm.

Made in Mexico. Other markings on belt:- RSPC 200923 Goodyear 0194 303.

Fits models:-

LWK74NW-3050, LWK74AW-3050, LWK24AW-3050, LWK24NW-3050 from serial number 0401... onwards,

and all SWT011WM3000, SWT011WM3022, AWN552SN, SWT011WM3050, SWT011WN3000, SWT011WN3022, SWT011WN3028, SWT011WN3050, SWT011WN3062, SWT111WM3000, SWT111WM3022, SWT111WM3050, SWT111WM3069, SWT111WN3000, SWT111WN3022, SWT111WN3028, SWT111WN3050, SWT111WN3069, SWT211WM3000, SWT211WM3020, SWT211WM3022, SWT211WN3000, SWT211WN3020, SWT211WN3022, SWT211WN3050, SWT211WN3062, SWT421WM3000, SWT421WM3022, SWT421WM3050, SWT811WN3000, SWT811WN3022, SWT811WN3050, SWT811WN3062, SWT910WN3050, SWT911WN3000, SWT911WN3020, SWT911WN3022, SWT911WN3028, SWT911WN3050, SWT911WN3062, SWT911WN3069, SWTA21WM3022, SWTA21WM3050, SWTA21WN3050, SWTF21WM3050, SWTF21WN3050, SWTX21WM3000, SWTX21WM3020, SWTX21WM3022, SWTX21WM3050, SWTX21WM3069, SWTX21WN3000, SWTX21WN3020, SWTX21WN3022, SWTX21WN3050, SWTX21WN3069.

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