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Kleenmaid KAW793, LWK23/24, LWK73/74 White Timer Knob - Part # KS35333

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Kleenmaid KAW793 & LWK Series Washing Machine White Timer Knob.

Part No. KS35333. Equivalent to KS201501W, 201501W.

White knob to fit Kleenmaid KAW793, LWK23, LWK24, LWK73 & LWK74 washing machine models.

51mm diameter X 30.7mm height. Knob screws clockwise onto the timer shaft.

Also suits the following models:-

    KAW793W-3050, KAW393W-3050, LWK73AW-3050, LWK23AW-3050, LWK24AW-3050, LWK24NW-3050, LWK74AW-3050, LWK74NW-3050, LWS42NW-3050, LTS87AWH, LTS87AWH1500, LTS89AWH, LTU87AWH, LTU89AWH, LTZ87AWH, LTZ87AWH2802, LTZ89AWH, LTZ89AWH0902, AWZ17NW-1102, AWZ44NW-1102, AWZ45NW-1102, AWZ51NW-1102, AWZ52NW-1102, AWZ53NW-1102, LTS80AWH, LTS84AWH, LTS84BWH, LTS85AWH, LTS85BWH, LTZ80AWH1102, LTZ85AWH1102, LWB19BW-1109, LWB19MW-1109, LWD51NW-1100, LWD52MW-1100, LWD52NW-1100, LWG74AW-3050, LWH16NW-3322, LWH18AW-3322, LWH18NW-3322, LWN311PP111NW22, LWN311PP111TW01, LWN311SP101NW22, LWN311SP111NW22, LWN311SP111TW01, LWN311SP111TW05, LWN311SP301NW22, LWN311SP331NW22, LWN311SP541NW23, LWN311WP101NW22, LWN311WP111NW22, LWN311WP111TW01, LWN311WP301NW22, LWN311WP331NW22, LWN311WP541NW23, LWN412SP111TW01, LWNB11SP111TW01, LWNB11SP111TWAA, LWS01AWC, LWS01BW, LWS01MW, LWS01MW-3088, LWS01MW-3300, LWS01NW, LWS01NW-3088, LWS01NW-3300, LWS02BW, LWS02MW, LWS02NW, LWS02NW-1122, LWS04MW, LWS04NW, LWS05NW, LWS11AW-3062, LWS11NW-3062, LWS16AWK, LWS16BW, LWS16BWK, LWS16MW, LWS16MW-1000, LWS16MW-3000, LWS16MW-3022, LWS16MW-3300, LWS16MW-3322, LWS16MWK, LWS16NW, LWS16NW-1000, LWS16NW-1122, LWS16NW-3022, LWS16NW-3322, LWS16NW-5423, LWS16NWK, LWS17AW-3028, LWS17AW-3050, LWS17AWK, LWS17BW, LWS17BWK, LWS17MW, LWS17MW-1000, LWS17MW-1127, LWS17MW-3000, LWS17MW-3022, LWS17MW-3050, LWS17MW-3300, LWS17MW-3322, LWS17MWB3020, LWS17MWB3069, LWS17MWK, LWS17NW, LWS17NW-1000, LWS17NW-1122, LWS17NW-1127, LWS17NW-3000, LWS17NW-3022, LWS17NW-3028, LWS17NW-3300, LWS17NW-3322, LWS17NW-5423, LWS17NWB3020, LWS17NWB3069, LWS17NWK, LWS21AW-3062, LWS21NW-3062, LWS42MW-3050, LWS42NW-3050, LWS44NW, LWS45BW, LWS45MW, LWS45MW-1127, LWS45NW, LWS45NW-1127, LWS45NW-1130, LWS49NW, LWS52NW-1127, LWT42NW-1100, LWT52NW-1100, LWY17BW-1109, LWY17MW-1109, LWY45BW-1109, LWY45MW-1109, LWZ01MW-1102, LWZ01NW-1102, LWZ02NW-1102, LWZ16MW-1000, LWZ16NW-1000, LWZ17MWB3020, LWZ17MWB3069, LWZ17NW-3022, LWZ17NWB3020, LWZ17NWB3069, LWZ20MW-3300, LWZ20NW-3300, LWZ22MW-1102, LWZ22NW-1102, LWZ42MW-1102, LWZ42NW-1102, LWZ52MW-1102, LWZ52NW-1102, LWZ77MW-1102, LWZ77NW-1102.

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