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Kleenmaid KAW651, KAW693 Black Timer Knob - Part No. KS33897

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Kleenmaid KAW651, KAW693 Washing Machine Black Timer Knob.

Part No. KS33897.

Black knob to fit some Kleenmaid & Speed Queen washing machine models.

46mm length X 19mm width X 35.5mm height. Knob screws clockwise onto the timer shaft.

Fits models:-

KAW651, KAW693W-3050, AWC393W23059, AWG100W, AWG200W, AWG200W2, AWG202W, AWG204W2, AWG390W, AWG392W, AWM250W-2200, AWM251W-2200, AWM251W-99E7, AWM292W-2200, AWM292W22200, AWM293W-2200, AWM293W22200, AWM392W-1000, AWM392W-1088, AWM392W-2200, AWM392W-3000, AWM392W-3088, AWM392W-3300, AWM392W21000, AWM392W21088, AWM392W22200, AWM392W23000, AWM392W23088, AWM392W23300, AWM393W-1000, AWM393W-2200, AWM393W-3000, AWM393W-3050, AWM393W-3059, AWM393W-3300, AWM393W21000, AWM393W22200, AWM393W23000, AWM393W23050, AWM393W23059, AWM393W23069, AWM393W23300, AWM593W-2200, AWM593W22200, AWM593W299F5, AWM593W299F7, SWM190W.

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