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Kleenmaid, Brandt DW2 - DW6 Narrow Cutlery Basket - Part # 31X5348

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Kleenmaid, Brandt DW2-DW6 Dishwasher Cutlery Basket.

Genuine Kleenmaid, Brandt Part No. 31X5438, 31X5438WS.

Can replace Part Nos. 31X4906, 31X5619, 1617646.

Narrow cutlery basket with three compartments designed to sit between the tynes.

Fits some Kleenmaid, Fagor & Brandt models including.

Fits Kleenmaid, Fagor, Brandt models DW2, DW3, DW4, DW5, DW6, DW6Q, DW675B, DW60I/2B, DW60I/2W, D5016/1, DW641B, DW2004, DW2005, DW2007, DW2009E, DW4112A, DW5006, DW616/B, DW616/W, DW120, D5006, D5011 and many more.

This is a quality product.

Three compartments. Single row.

Basket dimensions: 245mm long X 83mm wide at top. 238mm x 73mm at bottom. 138mm deep. Handle 97mm high from top of basket.

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