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Kleenmaid, Brandt Dishwasher Basket Rack Clips (Pkt 4) - Part # 32X4137

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Kleenmaid, Brandt Dishwasher Basket Clips (Pkt 4).

Genuine part. no. 32X4137.

Grey plastic basket rack clips used in Kleenmaid BFDW8, DW7S, DW7W, DW7B, DW8S, DW8B, DW8W, DW12WI, DW13X, DW16I, DW17X, DW17W, DW18I, DW20W, DW20X, DW21W, DW21X, DW22I, DW23I, DW25X, DW25W, DW26I, DW27I, DW36I, DWSG50, DW35, DW36, DW37 models made by Brandt.

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