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Kambrook, Volta, LG Vacuum Cleaner Bags - Part # 1940

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Kambrook, Volta Dolphin U9020 Series 2 Vacuum High Filtration Cleaner Bags (Pkt 5 + Filter).

Menalux Duraflow Part No. 1940.

Replaces Menalux T106, T106N, T146, T182, Anlin AF253, AF561, Qualtex SDB237, Stokes V7262, Quick Fit QB150 Eta ETA27, LG TB42, Vax 90740.

Similar to (cardboard at 90degrees) to Stokes V9604, Anlin AF621, AF624, Menalux T151B, T124, Nilfisk 82327800.

This bag has one of the most popular cardboard sizes in use.

Designed for:

AFK BS1500, BS1600, BS1800W, PS1400W.3, PS1400W.3NE,

Airflo AFV9037 Regal, AFV9038 Longreach,

Alaska BS1400, VC1600, VC2000,

Amadis AST1400, CH981,

Bomann CB940, CB941, CB942, CB948, CB949, CB991,

Clatronic/CTC BS1204, BS1205, BS1211, BS1212, BS1215, BS1217, BS1219 - BS1221, BS1223, BS1225, BS1226, BS1237,

Condel VCH4201,

Daewoo RC103, RC105D, RC107, RC108, RC170, RC190K, RC205D, RC209, RC406, RC407, RC450, RC550, RC605D, RC609D, RC705, RC805A,

De Longhi XS1000, XS1100D, Derby, Energy, Galaxy,

De Sina BSS Max-Mobil 1400 (Space), BSS Max-Mobil 1400e (Blau/metallic), BSS1401e, BSS1600e (Titan), BSS1601e, BSS1600e (Silber), CH108 1400Watt, CH806, JC862E, VC9902E, KS1202,

Dirt Devil Avanty M1890, M1900, M2000, Derby M1606, M1608, Energy M1610 - M1613, M1710, M1800, Galaxxy M1631, M1632, Powerline M1405, M1605, M1805, M1806,

Durabrand BS7703,

E-Matic E952, K029, ST018,

Efbe-Schott ST100, ST28BT, ST32SW,

Eltropa EBS1401,

Emide BS701, BS702,

Eta Viva 1458, 2458,

Eup VC9009, VC9009E,

Euro SDV SD2000,

Fakir C160,

Far A2160, A2161, A3100, A3101,

Fif BS1400 - BS1402, KS1202, KS1204, WK1400A, WK1400E, WK1400EL,

Hanseatic Sweety, PowerClean 1800Watt, PowerClean 3000, 3000Hepa, 4000Hepa, Plus4000Hepa, 487.608, 566.935, 567.809, 702.496, 702.562, 702.582, 703.198, 708.409, 825.100, 825.625, 825.656,

Helkina VC9902E,

Home Electronics, Delfin 1800Watt,

Hoover Conquest VC2030, VC2034, VC9009, H5001, Silverado 1400, Patriot H9001,
Ide Line Sirocco 740.048, 740.049, Smart 4410, 4430, 4430, Smart R1,

Imetec Advantage 1600W, Powertronic 1450W,
Ito VC9915E, VC9919E,

Kaisui KE975AT, KC976AT,

Kambrook KVC19, KVC800, KVC900, KVC1000,

Kenwood KS3100, KS3200,

Kinglake JC862E.1

Karcher TSC505,

Lervia KH94,

LG V982CE, V982TE,

Lloyds .154/490, .628/266, .865/328, .865/344, .865/842,

Medion MD5729, Micromaxx MM 40635,

Melissa VCC16,

Micromaxx MM40635,

Modern Day Millenium 19009,

Morgans Cyclone 1350B,

MPM Focus, VCH4601E,

Multitec BSS1600, BSS2014,

Novamatic KST615E, KST1000, STS716E, STS725E,

Omega BSS1600E, BSS1800E,

Philips Pirhana Mega Power 2000WTT,

Primera BS1600, EVC097, EVC106, EVC189,

Privileg 040.549, 099.493, 110.047, 285.913, 331.099, 522.297, 550.044, 565.935, 567.809, 590.748, 702.496, 702.562, 703.198, 722.572, 732.278, 865.328, 883.857, 886.409, 889.909, 963.045,

Rotel Calypso U63.8, U63.9,

Salco Caddy STC150, STC1800,

Satrap Mousy Class 1300, Aspira 1500 Mouse,

Severin 7925, 7926, 7935, 7952, 7956, 7960, 9026, 9663, 9664, BR7945, SB9517,

Silva BS15.100, TB15,

Solac 802 - 804 sries, 909, 917, 919, A303 series, S406 series, A501 series,

Spritzenreiter 49185,

Taurus serie Discovery, Serie Explorer 1400, 1600el, Serie Golf G 1500, 1700, 1800 (2004 ..),

Tchibo/TCM TCM 01 2216, TCM 03 222, TCM 05 609, TCM 59 290, TCM 66 390, TCM 68 578, TCM 69 534,

Team International ST7E, ST29E,

Tiffany VC111,

Tip Top BSA1600, BSC1300, BSC1400,

Trendline 49708,

Trisa Super Vac 9082, PowerPlus 9049, 9076, Diamond 9050, 9051, Crystal 9053, Edel Beetle 9055, 9080, CleanAir 9056, Picup 9059, 9075, CrazyClean 9060, Flat Cruiser 9061, Blacky 9062, Hurricane 9063, Galaxi 9065, Diamond 9077,

Vax VS03R, VS022 Maxim, VS032, V0071 Vivalits, V0072, V0073 Cygnus, VS0071 Vivality, VS0072, VS0073

Volta Dolphin U9020 Series 2, Gemini U9902,

Weltstar 1490L, 1491, 1510, 2014L, 2015,

White and Brown Spirollo SP1200.

Packet of 5 high filtration, low allergy duraflow disposable dust bags + motor microfilter.

Bag dimensions: 29cm X 29cm (folded flat), Cardboard dimensions: 10.9cm X 9.8cm, Filter dimensions 138mm X 165mm. Cardboard is in the middle of the bag.

Ideal for allergy sufferers. Up to 50% longer life.

High performance synthetic bag material. Reduces clogging and allows less particles back into the air. Increases machine motor life.

Note: Some of the packets marked as similar may have the cardboard at 90degrees or in a different position to the style listed here. The cardboard dimensions are the same and the bags will fit, although may be larger or smaller than the original.

We have been supplying appliance parts to the trade and retail for over 25 years. Buy with confidence.

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