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Kambrook, Goblin, Goldstar Vacuum Cleaner Bags - Part # 1900

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Kambrook, Goldstar, Nilfisk, Goblin, Volta Gemini, Samsung, Sanyo High Filtration, High Efficiency Vacuum Cleaner Bags (Pkt 5 + filter).

Menalux Duraflow Part No. 1900, equivalent to DBT120.

Replaces Anlin AF561, Menalux T120, T120A, T120N, 1900, QuickFit QB831, Electrolux ES66.

Similar to Stokes V7262, Anlin AF253, Qualtex SDB237, Menalux T182.

Similar to (cardboard at 90degrees) to Stokes V9604, Anlin AF621, AF624, Menalux T151B, T124, Nilfisk 82327800.

    Fits AFK BS2000W, PS1600, PS1600W.3, PS1600W.3NE,

    Airflow AFV4009, AFV4502B, AFV4800, AFV9038, HSP1500, Continental AFV5000, Dash AFV4501, Dominator AFV8850, Galaxy AFV500ZP, Hornet AFV1400, Hype AFV3602, Prowler AFV4602T, AFV4603 Raptor, AFV1500, Rascal 1250, Rebel AFV8720, Hornet 1400, Hyper AFV4800, HSP1500, AFV3602, Prowler AFV4603, AFV4009AFV, Saturn AFV8730, Voyager AFV108, Galaxy AFV500ZP, Dash AFV4501, AFV4502B, AFV9038

    Arcelik S7100, S7105, S7210,

    Ariete Compact Turbo, 2440, 2450, 2460 Electronic,

    Beko BKS1015, BKS2016, BKS2018,

    Blue Sky BVC4601,

    Bob Home 2022, 2177, 2189, 2190, 2700, Condor, FD2019,

    Bomann CB915, CB916, CB919,

    Chromex Compact 1200 (CH255), Compactronic (CH264), CH287, CH288, CH291, CH294, CH295, CH296,

    Clatronic/CTC BS1230, BS1235, BS1257,

    Cleanstar 2189, BS1235,

    Curtiss CA2410, T1200, Twino,

    Daewoo RC1550, RC1600, RC6004,

    Delonghi Cleos XTH170, XTH180EW, Orbit XTA3080E, XTD3070E, XTD3080E, XTD3090E, XTD3095E, XTD4095E, XLence XTL190PE, XTL210PE, XTL210PET,

    Dilem DT1200,

    Dirt Devil M7020, M7060, M7100, Allegra M7000, Cargo M7066, EQU M7100, M7105, EQU2 M7101, M7103, M7109, Lifty PLUS M2012-1, Rebell 70 DD7700, Rebel 71 DD7710, Original 7000022,

    Dicaff AD1200E, E1200,

    Domo DM7236S,

    ECG VP878,

    EFBE-Schott BSS2700, BSS3000, STS300, STS3500MM, X-Power,

    Electrolux Dolphin Plus (Aus) U5002, U5003, I-cute Z209, Mondo Z5105, Z5106, Z5115, Z5116/B, The Boss Z3105, Z3106, Z3115, Z3116, Z4105 .. Z4116,

    Glenan CH105E (GA40C), GA420, GA450, GA460, GA1805

    Girmi AP25, AP26

    Goblin Aspen 403, 405, 410, 479, 4700, 4701, 4702, PT868, 1400EM

    Kaisui KE773, KE774, KE776, KE777

    Kambrook KVC20, KVC21, KVC22, KVC1100, KVC1200, KVC1300, KVC1500, Jaguar KVC5, KVC11, KVC12, KVC13, KVC15, KVC16,

    Hoover H871 Silver Streak

    Leclerc PT868, JPL1000W

    Progress Series PC3100 - PC3199, PC3200 - PC3299, PC4200 - PC4299

    Prooftech PT868

    Sanyo SC35

    Seaway PSW S74-1

    Shopvac Aspen

    Team International CT11

    The Boss B4205, Z3105, Z3115

    Tornado TO4120, TO4125, TO4210, TO5120

    Ufesa AT7313

    Volta U3201, U3202, U4210, U4220, Gemini generation 3

    White & Brown AT1200, AT1202E, AT1400E

    Wilfa Next HPU8331, VCH4601, VCH4801

    Tiffany VC111, VC130

    Remington BV101

    Ronson RVC10, RVC20

    Samsung SC7060

    Sharp EC8300, EC8500,

    Volta U3201, U3202, U3210, U3910, U3920, U3930, U4220, U4230, Compact plus U3407, Dolphin Plus U5002, U5003, Gemini Gen 3 U4510, Mighty Mite Gen 3 U4214, Ultima Pet Plus U6011,

    Wertheim 1400A, 4601.

Packet of 5 disposable bags + motor filter + micro filter.

Ideal for allergy sufferers. Up to 50% longer life.

High performance synthetic bag material. Reduces clogging and allows less particles back into the air. Increases machine motor life.

The package of this product has recently changed. The photos show both the current and the most recent packages.

We have been supplying appliance parts to the trade and retail for over 25 years. Buy with confidence.

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