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Japanese, Korean AWTB-173-05 Fridge Thermostat - Part # RF090D

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Japanese & Korean Style Refrigerator Thermostat.

Part No. RF090D, AWTB-173-05, 5060614, R090905.

Replaces PCC PFN-173-05, PFNC174S, PFN-174S-05C, PFNC173-05, DA47-10134C, DA47-10107G, DA47-10107H, DA47-10107M, DA47-10107R.

Capillary length 0.24metres with solid bulb end, mounting holes 55mm apart, D-shape 6mm shaft, 4.8mm spade terminals.

Suits some Chinese, Japanese & Korean brands of refrigerator.

Fits some Samsung & Whirlpool models including BG42MCMWQN/WAU, WRX38RWH6, WRN28RWG6, WRN28RWH6, WRN42RWG6, WRN42RWH6, SR28, SR29, SR32, SR33, SR29NXB, SR33NXB, SR39NXB, SR43NXB, SR301NW, SR385NTS, SR385NW, SR386NTS, SR331NW, SR429, SRV39, SRV39H, SRV43, SRGV33, SRGV39.

Temperature range -27.5degC to -13degC.

Care must be taken not to bend the capillary tube sharply, as this will damage the thermostat.

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