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Japanese, Korean AWTB-124GS Fridge Thermostat - Part # RF090C

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Japanese & Korean Style Refrigerator Thermostat.

Part No. RF090C, AWTB-124GS, R090924, 88101-A.

Capillary length 0.2metres with coiled end, mounting holes 55mm apart, D-shape 6mm shaft, 6.4mm spade terminals.

Suits some Chinese, Japanese & Korean brands of refrigerator where the thermostat is mounted in the fridge section airflow. Fits some LG & Elba models.

Cold off  -30degC, Cold on -25degC, Warm off -14degC, Warm on -10degC.

Care must be taken not to bend the capillary tube sharply, as this will damage the thermostat.

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