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Ilve 390mm x 320mm Oven Door Seal for 600mm, 700mm Oven - Part # A/094/80, SE366

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Ilve One Piece 600mm, 700mm Oven Door Seal with Hooks.

Genuine Part No. A/094/080, SE366.

Equivalent to Part No. A/094/069, SE246.

This gasket goes around both sides and the top & bottom of the oven. Fits the large oven on double oven models.

Length 1500mm. Dimensions 420mm x 330mm. Hooks in each corner and in the middle top & bottom.

Fits some Ilve 600mm & 700mm wide ovens manufactured from 2004 to 2015 including models 600LVG, 600TTMP/1, PDW120FRMP, PDW120VMP, 201WMP-201LMP-201NMP, 600LVG, 600SSXMP, 600SXMP, 600TVG-600NVG, 600WMP-600LMP-600CMP, D900LMP, D900WMP, M150FMP, MT150FMP, MD1006MP-MTD1006MP, MD100FMP-MTD100FMP, PDL1006MP-PDW1006MP, PDF1006MP-PDN1006MP, PDL100FMP-PDW100FMP, PDF100FMP-PDN100FMP, PDL120SMP-PDW120SMP, PDF120SMP-PDN120SMP, PDL906MP-PDW906MP, PDF906MP-PDN906MP, PDL90FMP-PDW90FMP, PDF90FMP-PDN90FMP, PDW70MP, PDN70MP, PF60MP, PW60MP, PL60MP, PN60MP, PFE60MP-PWE60MP-PLE60MP-PNE60MP, PL150FMP-PW150FMP, QDC100FMP-QDC100FWMP, T60LMP-T60WMP, P120BG, P120BNG 1996, P120BMP, P120BNMP 1996, P120SG, P120SNG 1996, P120SMP, P120SNMP 1996, P150BGMP, P150BNGMP 1996, P150BMMP, P150BNMMP 1997, P150SGMP, P150SNGMP 1996, P150SMMP, P150SNMMP 1996, P80MP, P80LMP, P80NMP 2002, P90BMP, P90BNMP, P9640BCMP, P9640BCNMP 1996, P90FMPP90, FNMP2000, P90MP, P90NMP, P9640PCMP, P9640PCNMP 1996, PE90MP, PE90NMP 1998, 6631CNMP, 6640CMP, M150BDMP, M150FDMP, M150FRDMP, M150FSDMP, M150SDMP, MD100BDMP, MD100FDMP, MD100IDMP, MD100RDMP, MD100SDMP, MD1006DMP, MDE100MP, MDI100MP, MT150BDMP, MT150FDMP, MT150FRDMP, MT150FSDMP, MT150SDMP, MTD100BDMP, MTD100FDMP, MTD100IDMP, MTD100RDMP, MTD100SDMP, MTD1006DMP, MTDE100MP, MTDI100MP, P60NMP, PD90FNMP, PD90NMP, PD100FNMP, PD906NMP, PD1006NMP, PDN100BMP, PDN100FMP, PDN100IMP, PDN100RMP, PDN100SMP, PDN120BMP, PDN120FIMP, PDN120FMP, PDN120FRMP, PDN120SMP, PDN906MP, PDN90BMP, PDN90FMP, PDN90IMP, PDN90MP, PDN90RMP, PDN906MP, PDN1006MP, P60LMP, P60MP, PTN100FMP, PTN110FMP, PTN1006MP, PTNE100MP, PTNI100MP, PD100FLMP, PD100FMP, PDNE100MP, PDNI90MP, PD1006LMP, PD1006MP, PF60MP, PW60MP, 200SPYKMP, 201NMP, 201WMP, 600LMP, 600NMP, 600SPYKT, 600SPYTC, 600SXMP, 600WMP, PDW120BMP, PDW120FIMP, PDW120FMP, PDW120FRMP, PDW120SMP, PDW1207MP, PDL120BMP, PDL120FIMP, PDL120FMP, PDL120FRMP, PDL120SMP, PDL1207MP, PDF120BMP, PDF120FIMP, PDF120FMP, PDF120FRMP, PDF120SMP, PDF1207MP, PDN1207MP, PWE60MP, PN60MP, PDNE90MP, PDNI100MP, PN150BMP, PN150FMP, PN150FRMP, PN150FSMP, PN150SMP, PL150BMP, PL150FMP, PL150FRMP, PL150FSMP, PL150SMP, PNE60MP, PNI60MP, PD90FLMP, PD90FMP, PD90LMP, PD90MP, PD906LMP, PD906MP, PDF90BMP, PDF90FMP, PDF90IMP, PDF90MP, PDF90RMP, PDF906MP, PDF1207MP, PDFE90MP, PDFI90MP, PDL90BMP, PDL90FMP, PDL90IMP, PDL90MP, PDL90RE3, PDL906MP, PDLE90MP, PDLI90MP, PDW90BMP, PDW90FMP, PDW90IMP, PDW90MP, PDW90RMP, PDWE90MP, PDWI90MP, PDW906MP, PFE60MP, PFI60MP, PL60MP, PWI60MP, T60LMP, PW150BMP, PW150FMP, PW150FRMP, PW150FSMP, PW150SMP, PLE60MP, PLI60E3, TD90CLMP, PTW110FMP & possibly others.

If you are not sure if this part is suitable for you, contact us with the brand & model number of your stove and we can check with the manufacturer.

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