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Hoover, Westinghouse Discomelt Dual Thermostat 65/206degC - Part # 0541300034

Hoover, Westinghouse Discomelt Dual Thermostat 65/206degC - Part # 0541300034

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Hoover, Westinghouse New Type Dryer Discomelt Dual Thermostat.

Part No. 0541300034.

Dual thermostat with two 6.4mm spade terminals & two 4.8mm spade terminals for temperature control & safety cutout.

Operating temperature 65degreesC, safety cutout temperature 206degreesC.

Fits many of the latest Hoover & Westinghouse dryers including models 3525DB, 3525DD, 3525DE, 5030DB, 5030DD, 5040EDB, 5040EDD, 5050EDB, 5050EDD, K352DB, K503DB, K505EDB, LD352A, LD353A, LD503A, LD504A, LD505A, LD515A & variations which use a double pass style heating element..

Older Hoover Apollo & Admiral clothes dryers with a slightly different discomelt with 4 terminals all the same size require the modification kit listed here. Note, there is also a very similar dual thermostat used in older Hoover Apollo models which use a different cutout temperature listed here.

Note: Very early 5030D models may in fact be fitted with the part in the link above although the service manuals specify the new type in this listing. Please check carefully prior to ordering if the model of your dryer is simply 5030D with no other letters or revisions after the model number.

This part causes intermittant heat and intermittant no power symptoms.

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