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Hoover TurboLark, TurboPower, Breeze Open End Vacuum Cleaner Bags - Part # AF284

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Hoover TurboPower, Breeze, TurboLark Open Ended Vacuum Cleaner Bags (Pkt 5 + filter).

CleanStar Part No. AF284.

Equivalent to Qualtex SDB098, SDB155, Anlin AF283 & Stokes V7212, Menalux 3051P, D23, Original H4, H4A, H18, Concept Type A.

Appropriate for Hoover Breeze U2664 - U2668, U2670 - U2678, U3101, U4064, U4593, Convertible, Concept Type A, Decade 80/800, Elite/Elite II, Lark Duet U2740, U2742, U1218, U1264, U1266, U1318, U1432, U2318, U2320, U2328, TurboPower U2670 - U2678, Turbo U1100, U1102, U1220, U1222, U1294, U2194, U2196, U2198, U2740, U2742, Turbolite U4517, U4527, U4529, U4593, Lark, Duet.

Packet of 5 disposable bags + micro filter.

This bag is open ended so must be used with a suitable bag clip (not included).

Total length of bag is 470mm, Centre of hole in cardboard is 100mm from end of bag.

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