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Hoover TurboLark, TurboPower Agitator Belt - Part # BELT-WT, RDB16

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Hoover Concept, TurboPower, Lark, Breeze Brush Drive Vac Belt.

Cleanstar Part No: BELT-WT, Qualtex RDB16.

Equivalent to Anlin AV104, Qualtex PPP110, Stokes V7654, Menalux DB10.

Replaces Genuine Hoover Part No. 38528507, 38528-507.

Fits Hoover TurboPower U1100, U1102, U1218, U1220, U1222E, U1290, U1400, U2194, U2196, U2320, U2332, U2334, U2336, U2382, U2406, U2408, U2560, U2562, U2566, U2568, U2570, U2572, U2574, U2602, U2604, U2634, U2636, U2638, U2662, U2716, U2718, U1264, U2462, U2464, U2664 - U2668, U2670, U2678, U2880, Breeze, TurboLark.

Single vacuum cleaner brush roller drive belt.
Diameter (unstretched) - 100mm, Width 12mm.

Make sure brush roller is not clogged with hair and fluff to prolong the life of the belt.

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