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Hoover, Candy Imported Front Loader Door Interlock Switch - Part # 49030389

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Hoover Imported Front Loader Door Interlock Switch.

Genuine Part No. 49030389. Also same as 10023713, 41016879, 41041367, 91201208, 1170043WS.

Rold DM053, DA053556, DA052036

This switch suits many imported Hoover front loader washing machines and many Candy models.

Fits Hoover models DWC27-1-AUS, DXC-1-AUS, DXA175AH1-AUS, DXA385AH1-AUS.

Also suits models WT1408E, WMH147DF2, WMH147DF18, WDYNS642D3, WDYN9666PG, WDYN9646PA, WDYN856DG, WDYN854DG, VISION16SYRE, VISION16SY, VISION16PLUS, VISION16PUK, VISION16EAST, VISION16ALU, VISION16, VHW854ZD1, VHF614189, VHDS6143ZD86, VHDS6124D1, VHDS6124D07, VHDS6104ZD3, VHD9164ZD86, VHD9163ZI86, VHD9163ZD8, VHD9143ZD1, VHD9143ZD37, VHD9143PD1, VHD9124D49S, VHD9123ZD1, VHD8163ZI, VHD816147, VHD8144DHC4S, VHD8144DB8, VHD8144DAU, VHD7164D1, VHD7164D89, VHD7144D3, VHD7144D28, VHD7144D1, VHD7144D14, VHD710285, VHD71049S, VHD6164D1, VHD6144D18, VHD612289, VHD610104, VHD335124ZD, VHD33511ZD, VHD335104ZD, VHD33510, VHD168186S, PPA136S, PE23580, OPHS61218, OPH716DF1, OPH714DF1, OPH714D1, OPH613186, OHNWF6127, OHNL6116, OHFN671137, OHFN4117, KITHNL3137SM, KITHNL3137, KITHNF6138, KITH66TCKD, HVP16PULSE, HVP16APULSE, HVP16ALU03S, HVP16ALHV6A, HVP1603S, HVP13, HV61647, HSWF16780, HSWF14780, HSWD166, HSWD146, HSW166S80, HSW14680, HSPF167, HSPF157, HSE140UK, HSE130M, HSE120UK, HPM150UK, HPL146184, HPL145184, HPF137, HP6150M, HP6130M, HP6120M, HP6110M, HNWS612503, HNWS6125, HNWL7166, HNWL7146A88, HNWL714680, HNWL7136S, HNWL6166, HNWL614684, HNWL6146, HNWL613684S, HNWL613684, HNWL6136, HNWL3166, HNWL3136S, HNWL3136, HNWL3126, HNWF616788M, HNWF616786, HNWF616784M, HNWF616784, HNWF616714, HNWF616588, HNWF6137E, HNWF6137, HNWF6135S, HNWF6135, HNWF3137, HNWF3135, HNS9125P, HNS6125P3, HNS6105P3, HNS506530, HNL9166Z84, HNL9166Z83M, HNL916686S, HNL916683M, HNL9146Z, HNL9136P, HNL911685S, HNL71463D80, HNL686137S, HNL686130, HNL616684, HNL6146S, HNL6146184, HNL614686, HNL614684, HNL614683M, HNL614683, HNL6136S, HNL6126S, HNL6126P30, HNL6126, HNL6106P, HNL6106137, HNL6106.504, HNL2136S, HNF9167Z, HNF916786, HNF916783M, HNF916716, HNF916703, HNF9167, HNF9147Z, HNF913786, HNF7147, HNF7127, HNF68785, HNF6167P, HNF6147, HNF6137P, HNF613788M, HNF6127P, HNF612737S, HNF610785, HNF6127, HN665530, HN614586S, HN6135186S, HN6135184, HN506530, HN506030, HN336804, HN335654, HLN6212, HFN7613, HFN7313, H45TCKD, DYNS7104DZG, DYNS6126P3, DYNS6104DZ, DYN9166PAU, DYN9124DZG, DYN8124D18, DYN7144DP80, DYN7144D1, DYN7144D16, DYN7124DZ1, DYN10146P47, DYN10146P16, DYN10144DP, DYN10124DP, DYN10124D03, DST9146PVG, DST8166P14, DST10146PV4, DST10146PA, DST10146P8, DST10146P3, CA233UK, CA232UK, ACM16UK, ACM15, VHD614Z114, VHD614284, VHD612Z114, VHD611P130, VHD610130, VHD814P130, VHD814186S, VHD814147, VHD812147, VHD716284, VHD716184, VHD714184, VHD710130, VHD616284, VHD616184, VHD614184, VHD514184, VHD146A1, OPH814186S, OPH6163D186S, OPH614186, SE147180, OPH616180, WMH148DF18, OPH714DS180, OPH714DS28, SE148180, VHDS6123PD, SE23001, PE235, HPM130, HPM120, HPM110, CA23103, ACM11001, VHD148A1, VHD147A1, SE147280, VHD810204S, VHD812285S, VHD814386S, VHD810104S, OPH714D280, OPH814286S, OPH147280, VHD842180, VHD822180, VHDS614PI30, VHFS60830, VHFS51030, VHDFS61030, VHD3341030, VHDS61030, HN614684, HN614584, VHD3351016S, VHD33512D16S, HNL84280, HNL612631OS, HN56549S, CM66280, HNL66280, HNL64280, HHET6100, HHETS6120, HNF71683D80, VHDS61286S, VHDS61016S, HNS670530, HNWL6126E, VHDS51030, VHDS610Z30, VHDS6103D07S, VHDS6123D07S, VHDS6113D04S, HNL57630, HNL814680, SKDHNL6137ZX, HNL716680, HNL71663D80, HN507530, HNS408530, VHDS60930, VHDS6113D30, HNL613686S, HNL612686S, HNF714880, HNF713880, HNWF716880, HNWF714880, HNWL7136, HNF712880, HNL7126S80, HNF7127S80, HN565.504S, HNS410530, HNL6106Z30, HN480530S, HN410530S, HNWF713780, HNWF716780, HNWL713680, HNL714680, HNL712680, HNF716780, HPL14584, HPL14684, HNL68630, HSP1680, HPWD13680, HPWD16680, HPF16780, HPA13580, HPA14680, HPA16680, HPB14580, HPE23680, HNWL6126E30, HNL913603S, HNF913703S, HN33610430, HNWF616780, HSWD12680, HN613586S, HWD130J80, HWD12080, HP12J80, HP14J80, HP15J80, HP16J80, HP1680, HNF9167ZS80, HP1480, HNWL6136S80, CLD13501, HP1180, HNWF916780, HWP1280, HNF9167Z80, HNF616780, HNF6157S80, HNF614780, HNF612780, HNL616680, HNL614680, HSP1580, HP1380, HNL614686S, HNL616686S, PPA13680, PFW13580, PFW13780, PPW12680, 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