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Hoover Arianne, Sensory, Telios Vacuum Cleaner Bags - Part # 3001

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Hoover Arianne, MicroPower, MicroSpace, Octopus, Sensory, Telios Vacuum Cleaner Bags (Pkt 5 + filter).

Menalux Part No. 3001.

Equivalent to ElectruePart BAG164, Replaces Original H30, H30+, H30S, H36, H52, H60, 09178286.

Appropriate for Hoover Arianne T2100 ... T2599, T2615, T2621, T2740, MicroPower SC100, SC115, SC120, SC125, SC145, SC150, SC155, MicroSpace SCT30, SCT35, SCT45, SCT46, SCT48, Octopus TBO230, Sensory TS1613, TS1623, TS1625, TS1723 ... TS1726, TS1823, TS1827, TS1820, TS1843 ... TS1845, TS1847, TS1873, TS1942, TS1945, TS1947, TS1983, TS2024, TS2025, TS2045, TS2046, TS2060, TS2062, TS2075, TS2077, TS2164, TS2166, TS2264, TS2275, Telios T4300 ... TS4599, T5400 ... T5799, T5800 ... T5830.

Packet of 5 disposable synthetic high filtration bags + micro filter.

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