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Hoover 500M, 600M, Simpson Esprit Washing Machine Agitator # 0231224001K

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Hoover 500M Series, Simpson Esprit Washing Machine Agitator.

Part No. 0231224001K.

Fits Simpson Esprit series models. Also fits many late Hoover models.

Includes Simpson models 36P450J, 36P450K, 36P450L (Esprit 450), 36P550L, 36S550-210 (Esprit 550), 36S605L, 36P500M, 36S550M, 36P605M, Westinghouse LT608SA, LT609SA series & Hoover models 500MD, 550MB, 500ME, 600ME.

Kit includes the main agitator & the agitator insert. The lint filter is not included but is listed here. The top cap although shown in the photos for illustration and identification purposes is also not included but is listed here.

Total height 450mm including cap, height without cap or insert 385mm, bottom diameter 316mm, fabric softener cap diameter 78mm. Fits on a splined shaft and held in place by a bolt down the centre (not supplied).

The agitator pictured in the main photo replaces the earlier agitator with straight vanes. This in no way affects the wash performance. The last two photos show the straight vaned version. The part supplied may have either bent vanes or straight vanes depending on stock available at the time. They are fully interchangable in all relevent models.

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