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High temperature (up to 650˚F) Red Silicone Sealant 85gm. Part # VS-261B

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High Temperature Silicone Sealant - Gasket Maker.

Part No. VS261B, AD55100.

High temperature resistant silicone rubber sealant.

  •     100% RTV Silicone Rubber.
  •     Resists oil, water & antifreeze.
  •     Remains permanently flexible.
  •     Temperature range - -62˚C to 343˚C (-80˚F to 650˚F)
  •     85gm tube.
  •     Colour - Red.

Ideal for use on fixed heaters, moving oven belts, industrial ovens & boilers, bag filters on smoke stacks, plywood drying ovens, access doors, sealing & encapsulating, elements in appliances, windows in oven doors, flues on gas appliances, flanged pipe joints, automotive sensors, timing covers, inlet manifolds, exhaust manifolds, cylinder heads, carburetors.

This product is outside it's use by date (12/2015) but is guaranteed to be perfectly usable at the time of purchase. BIg savings on normal price.

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