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Haier, Fisher & Paykel Dryer Drum Drive Belt - Part # H0180300006C, 6PH1940

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Haier, Fisher & Paykel Vented & Condensor Dryer Drum Drive Belt.

Part No. H0180300006C.

Belt size - 6PH1940. 6 Ribs.

Belt length - 1940mm

Suits some Haier, Fisher & Paykel vented & condensor dryers including models DE4060M1 (93193-A), DE5060G1 (93176-A), DE6060P1 (93174-A), HDHP80E1 (61432-A), HDV40A1 (61429-A), HDV50E1 (61427-A), HDV60A1 (61428-A), HDV60E1 (61426-A), HDV70E1 (61431-A), DE4060M1 (93193-A, 93258-A), DE4560M1 (92267-A), DE5060G1 (92259-A, 93176-A), DE5060M1 (93181-A, 93257-A), DE5060MU1 (93270-A), DE6060G1 (92258-A, 93175-A), DE6060M1 (92268-A), DE6060P1 (92257-A, 93174-A), DE7060G1 (92269-A), DE7060P1 (92270-A), DE8060P2 (93256-A), DC8060P1 (93243-A), DH8060P1 (92273-A).

Note, some of these models with different product codes may use a different belt. If unsure, please supply your model number and product code prior to purchasing and we can check

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