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Genuine TFG20, TFG22, TFG24 GE Fridge Defrost Timer - Part # WR9X541, TMDJ625RC1

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Genuine GE No-Frost Refrigerator Defrost Timer.

Part No. WR9X541, WR09X0541, TMDJ625RC1.

Replaces part nos. WR09X10003.

Defrost timer used in many GE no-frost fridges including models TFG272FX, TFG22, TFG272, TFG20RX, TPG21BRX, MSG20GW, TPG21BRBC, TFG20JR, TFG24JRX, TFG22PRXA, TFG25PRY, TBG16NA, TBG14JA, TBG14IAZBRWH, TFG20JRXA, TFG20JAXAWW, TBG19PAXDRWW, TFG27PFXA, TBG16JAZCRWH, TBG14JAZCRWH.

Contacts rated 5amp, 240Volt.

Motor voltage rating 230VAC, 50/60Hz.

4 X 6.4mm spade terminals.

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