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Genuine Samsung SRF527DSLS Fridge Fresh Water Tank Lid - Part # DA63-05576A

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Samsung Fridge Water Container Cover for Icemaker Fridge.

Part No. DA63-05576A.

Water tank lid only.

Fits models SRF527DSLS, SRF528DSIS, SRF
533DLS, SRF579DIS, SRF579DLS, SRF583DLS, SRF5300BD, SRF5300SD, RF44A5202SLSA, RF62JBSL1XSA, RF62TBPN1XSA, RF62TBSL1XSA, RF62WBPN2XSA, RF67DEPN1XSA, RF67DESL1XSA, RF67QESG1XSA, RF67QESL1XSA. May suit other models with an icemaker & water dispensor feature that are not required to be plumbed in.

This part is the lid / cover for the main container only for the water tank assembly that clips into the fridge door to supply fresh water for the icemaker.

If unsure about the suitability of this item, please inquire with your full model number prior to purchasing.

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