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Genuine Omega, Blanco, Baumatic Dishwasher Lower Spray Arm - Part # 673000330000

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Omega, Blanco, Baumatic Dishwasher Lower Spray Arm.

Part. no. 673000330000.

Now use Part No. DAU1591112.

Other Part Nos. MDI673000330000, 1734565, 2503683, M1434839.

Lower spray arm used in some Omega, Baumatic & Omega dishwasher models. May also suit other Chinese dishwasher brands and models.

11 jets on the top of the arm and 1 underneath. Length - 460mm.

Suits models BSID346X, DWF146PC, DWF146SC, DWF146WC, DWF614SS, DWF614WE, ODW507TXB, ODW704WB, ODW717WB, ODW717XB, OFI604A, PL403A, ODW704XB, BFD645X, BDW34X, BDW146X, BDW70S, BDW70W, ODW707XB, VDW71S, BDW65S, ODW702XB, EPF60DS, BDWI660, BDW71S, BDW65W, ODW507TWB, ODW707WB & possibly others.

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