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Genuine Bosch, Siemens Front Load Washer Door Gasket - Part # 772663, 00772663

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Large Tub Shell Door Gasket with Tube & Ligthing Nozzle to suit Some Bosch & Siemens Front Loader Washing Machines.

Genuine Part No. 772663, 00772663.

Similar to Bosch part nos. 772655, 00772655, 23002440.

Seal front inside diameter - 29cm, front outside diameter - 33.5cm, overall back outside diameter - 40.5cm. Includes gasket clamps. Silver-Grey colour.

Seal has a small detergent dispensor fill tube near the top and also small ligthing nozzle at the top.

Suits some Bosch & Siemens front loaders including models WAT28780SA/01, WAT28780SA/26, WAT2878XZA/01, WAT2878XZA/22, WAT2878XZA/34, WAT2878XZA/36, WAT2878XZA/40, WAT2878XZA/45, WAT2878XZA/50, WAT2878XZA/51, WAT2878XZA/53, WAT2878XZA/54, WAT2878XZA/61, WAT2878XZA/64, WAT2878XZA/71, WAT2878XZA/72, WAT28780SA/01, WAT28780SA/26, WAW28760SA/12, WAW28760SA/17, WM14W59A/01, WM14W59A/07, WM14W59A/09, WM14W59A/11, WM14W59A/12, WM14W59A/14, WM14W59A/17, WM14W59A/20, WM14W59A/21, WM14W59A/23, WM14W790AU/11, WM14W790AU/12, WM14W790AU/17, WM14W790AU/20, WM14W790AU/21.

If you are not sure if it is suitable for your model, please contact us with your model number before purchasing.

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