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Genuine Bosch Low Voltage Evaporator Fan Motor D4612AAA21 - Part # 601067

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Low Voltage Evaporator Fan Motor to suit some Bosch No Frost Fridges.

Part No. 601067, 00601067.

Other numbers on motor

Suitable replacement for RF948, SEIOM100, 3015915900, D4612AAA20, Baumatic 07040440.

Small fan motor suitable for some Bosch electronic frost free refrigerators. Also fits some models from Smeg, NEC & other brands made by Daewoo.

Low voltage operation. Fitted with 2 way power connector.

13volt, 3.3watt, 0.233amp, 2050rpm.

Shaft length 39mm, shaft diameter 3.1mm, total depth 101.4mm from tip of shaft to back of fan body, thickness of motor from front to back is 49.3mm.

Fully guaranteed. Easy to fit.

Fits the following Bosch models:-

3FA6780A/01, 3FA6780A/04, 3FA6786A/01, 3FA6786A/02, 3FA6786A/03, 3FA6786A/04, 3FA6786A/05, 3FA6786A/06, 3FA6786A/07, 3FA6786A/08, 3FA6786A/09, 3FA7786A/01, 3FA7786A/02, 3FA7786A/03, 3FA7786A/04, 3FA7786A/05, 3FA7786A/06, 3FA7786A/07, 3FA7786A/08, 3FA7786A/09, 3FA7786A/10, 3FA7787A/01, 3FA7787A/02, 3FA7787A/03, 3FA7787A/04, 3FA7787A/05, 3FA7787A/06, 3FA7787A/07, 3FA7787A/08, KA58NA70AU/01, KA58NA70AU/02, KA58NA70AU/03, KA58NA70AU/04, KA58NA70AU/05, KA58NA70AU/06, KA58NA70AU/07, KA58NA70AU/08, KA58NA70AU/09, KA58NA70AU/10, KA58NA70AU/11, KA58NA70AU/12, KA58NA70AU/13, KA58NA70AU/14, KA58NA70AU/15, KA58NP70AU/01, KA58NP70AU/02, KA58NP70AU/03, KA58NP70AU/04, KA58NP70AU/05, KA58NP70AU/06, KA58NP70AU/07, KA58NP70AU/08, KA58NP70AU/09, KA58NP70AU/10, KA58NP70AU/11, KA58NP70AU/12, KA58NP70AU/13, KA58NP70AU/14, KA58NP70AU/15, KAN56V10AU/01, KAN56V10AU/02, KAN56V10AU/03, KAN56V10AU/04, KAN56V10AU/05, KAN56V10AU/06, KAN56V10AU/07, KAN56V10AU/08, KAN56V10AU/09, KAN56V40AU/01, KAN56V40AU/02, KAN56V40AU/03, KAN56V40AU/04, KAN56V40AU/05, KAN56V40AU/06, KAN56V40AU/07, KAN56V40AU/08, KAN56V40AU/09, KAN58A40AU/01, KAN58A40AU/02, KAN58A40AU/03, KAN58A40AU/04, KAN58A40AU/05, KAN58A40AU/06, KAN58A40AU/07, KAN58A40AU/08, KAN58A40AU/09, KAN58A40AU/10, KAN58A40AU/11, KAN58A40AU/12, KAN58A40AU/13, KAN58A40AU/14, KAN58A40AU/15, KAN58A50AU/01, KAN58A50AU/02, KAN58A50AU/03, KAN58A50AU/04, KAN58A50AU/05, KAN58A50AU/06, KAN58A50AU/07, KAN58A70AU/01, KAN58A70AU/02, KAN58A70AU/03, KAN58A70AU/04, KAN58A70AU/05, KAN58A70AU/06, KAN58A70AU/07,  KAN58A70AU/08, KAN58A70AU/09, KAN58A70AU/10, KAN58A70AU/11, KAN58A70AU/12, KAN58A70AU/13, KAN58A70AU/14, KAN58A70AU/15, KAN60A40AU/01, KAN60A40AU/02, KAN60A40AU/03, KAN60A40AU/04, KAN60A40AU/05, KAN60A40AU/06, KAN60A40AU/07 and many others.

Also fits Daewoo FRN-U20BC, FRN-U20DC, FRN-U20FC, FRN-U20IC, FRS-U20BC, FRS-U20DAI, FRS-U20DC, FRS-U20DCB, FRS-U20IAI, FRS-U20ICW, DRS30DSMB, FRAU20DCB, NEC FR480, NTM470RWH, NTM510RWH, NTM470RWH & Omega FRS645S, FRR616S, FRR721S, FRS645S, FRW616S.

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