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GE Sadie, Aquavac Vacuum Cleaner Bags - Part No. AF607-5

GE Sadie, Aquavac Vacuum Cleaner Bags - Part No. AF607-5

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GE Sadie, Black & Decker, Aquavac, Volta Trio U76/U78 Cannister Vacuum Cleaner Bags (Pkt 5).

Starbag Part No. AF607-5.

Equivalent to Menalux Part No. S50, Stokes V7264, Airflo AF607, Menalux T99, General Electric AV50X60.

Suits AEG Vampyrette Deluxe, Vampyrette Super, Airflo U55 Aquaclean, Aqua Dry professional, Aqua Dry 20, Aqua Dry 30, Extra Tec 30, DeLonghi XD1000, XW1200, GE/Black & Decker Sadie cannister models VX10, VX20, VX21, VX52 - Aquavac 600a, 720 Super 30, Super 40, 9000 Series - Hoover 417, 417G, 419, 419NM-427B, 429, 844, Conquest 507, Karcher NT301, Karcher Redback, Kerrick 101, Nilfisk BV100, BV1100, AA808A Backpack, Philips Paris HZ4800 - HZ4820, HR6204, HR6211, HR6220, HR6225, HR6230, HR6240, HR6260, HR6261, HR6263, HR6264, HR6280, HR6284, HR6651, P40, P60, P83, P84, P800, P900, Hako Shadowvac Backpack, Hako RocketVac (Old style), Shopvac 600, 800, 900 Series - Volta Trio U55, U76, U78, U1530 Aquaclean - Electrolux Z55 Aqualux 1000, Z65 Twinclean, Z76, Z78 Masterlux, Z85 Three-in-one - Progress Mercedes NT20, Clark Backpack, Piggyvac, Cleanstar Starlite VBK Backpack, Origin BV100, BV150, BV200, Sprint A850B Backpack, Pacvac ProLite, old model Backpack, Polivac Wombat, Koala Backpack, ProVac Stealth Backpack, Pullman PV6, PV7, PV8, PV9, PV10, PV11, PV12, PV13, PV15, Janitor, Contractor CV3, Tennant Backpack, Truvox Backpack.

In barrel type machines these bags are used to collect the dust and in canister machines they are used as filters to stop dust and dirt from getting into the motor.

Packet of 5 open ended disposable filter bags.

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