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GE & Americana Washing Machine White Timer Knob - Part # GE013A

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GE & Americana Washing Machine White Timer Knob.

Part No. GE013A, WH1X2754, ERWH1X2754.

White timer knob & retaining clip to suit many older GE & Americana large automatic washing machines.

Has a ratchet on the bottom so that the knob will only turn the timer in one direction. This becomes worn causing the timer to be very hard to turn.

Diameter - 49mm, height - 35mm.

This part fits most models beginning with: EJRR4, ESR28, ESX28, EXR16, EXR27, EXR28, EXX27, GBSR1, GBXR1, GBXR2, GCXR2, GDSR4, GJSR2, GJXR2, GKSR2, GKSR4, GNSR2, GNSR3, GUSR2, GWSR3, GWXR4, HNSR2, HNSR4, HNSRP, HNXR2, HNSRP, KNSR3, S1070, S2000, S2200, S3.

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