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GE & Americana Washing Machine Mechanical Drain Pump - Part # GE001, WH23X42

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Washing Machine Mechanical Recirculating Drain Pump for GE & Americana.

Part No. GE001, WH23X42, LP112.

Equivalent to genuine part nos. WH23X43, WH1X1694, WH1X1885, WH1X1886, WH1X1909, WH8X268, WH10X34, WH10X36, WH10X38, WH16X335, WH16X336, WH16X358, WH23X33, WH23X36, WH23X45, WH23X46, WH23X48, WH23X49, WH23X52, 134D6049P001.

Plastic mechanical recirculating drain pump for General Electric and Americana large automatic washing machines. This pump mounts above the motor and is coupled using a rubber flexible coupling. It has four inlet/outlet pipes.

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