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Fisher & Paykel Washing Machine Divertor Valve Part # 426862P, FP075

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Fisher & Paykel Smartdrive, EcoSmart, Intuitive Washing Machine Divertor Valve.

Part No. 426862P, 426862, FP426862P, FP075.

This divertor valve suits some recent Fisher & Paykel washing machines. Used on Smartdrive, Intuitive, Ecowasher & Ecosmart models, GWL10, IW710, IW810, IWC09, IWL10, IWM10 & Phase 6 series 11 & 12 models MW511, MWC11, GW511, GW611, GW711, GW512, GW612, GW712, GWC11, GWM11, GWL11, GWC12, GWM12, GWL12, IW511, IW711, IW811, IW512, IW712, IW812, IWM11, IWL11, IWM12, IWL12.

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