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Fisher & Paykel Rear Fridge Roller Wheel Assembly - Part # FP315090P

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Rear Plastic Wheel Assembly to suit Fisher & Paykel Fridge.

Part number FP315090P, 315090P, RFP041.

This part has been superceded by the part listed here.

Plastic wheel assembly used on some Fisher & Paykel fridge & freezer models including E442B, E442BRXFD, (21959-C), E522BLX, C373, E521T, E372BLE, G, FP, WH, (23509-A), E402BLE, 21780-D, (E402BLE G WH), E372B, 21777-A, (E372BRE G FP WW), E372B, 23510-A, (E372BRX G WH), E372B, 24786-E, (E372BLX G FP SX), E372B, 21786-D, E372B, 21785-C, E372B, 23593-A, E372B, RF610A, RF610ADUM, RF522ADUSX4, E402BRE, E402BLE, E440TLE, 23015-A, E440TLE, 23015-B, E522B.

This part often gets broken when the appliance is transported.

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