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Fisher & Paykel Phase 3 DS603, DD603 DishDrawer Motor Rotor - Part # 524185P

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Fisher & Paykel Early DishDrawer Dishwasher Motor Rotor.

Genuine part. no. 524185P, FP524185P, DW349. Equivalent to FP525884P, 525884P, FP425620P, 425620P. Qualtex Part No. DWF033.

Suits Australian & NZ Fisher & Paykel dishdrawer models DD601V2, DD601V2I, DD602, DD602I, DS601V2, DS601V2I, DS602, DS602I, DD603, DD603I, DD603H, DD603M, DD603IH, DD603HM, DS603, DS603I, DS603H, DS603IH, DS603M, DS603HM.

This item often gets damaged by food and broken glass particles on the bottom impellor causing the machine not to drain properly.

The photos of the motor with the black frame and the grey bottom impellor are the older version of this motor and has been superceded by the part with the grey frame and the yellow bottom impellor.

The part supplied is the new version with the yellow bottom impellor.

Easy to fit. Fully guaranteed.

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