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Fisher & Paykel Ph9 Washing Machine Motor Control Module - Part # FP430202NAP

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Genuine Motor Control Circuit Board to suit Some Fisher & Paykel Phase 9 Top Loading Washing Machines.

Genuine Part No, FP430202NAP, 430202NAP.

Replaces Part Nos. FP429889NAP, 429889NAP, FP424940NAP, 424940NAP, FP429368NAP, 429368NAP.

This electronic control module is suitable for some Fisher & Paykel top load washer models.

Suits models:-

  • WA7060E1 WashSmart Eco with product code: 92217-A
  • WA7060G1 WashSmart with product code:  92224-A
  • WA7060M1 QuickSmart
  • WA7560E1 WashSmart Eco with product code: 92235-A
  • WA8060G1 WashSmart with product code: 92176-A
  • WL8060P1 CleanSmart with product code: 92111-A, 92264-A
  • WA8060P1 FabricSmart with product code: 92147-A
  • WA8060E1 WashSmart Eco with product code: 92168-A
  • WA8560E1 WashSmart Eco with product code: 92233-A
  • WA8560G1 WashSmart with product code: 92263-A, 92263-B, 93232-A
  • WA8560P1 FabricSmart with product code: 92232-A
  • WA3927G1 WashSmart

Easy to fit. Fully guaranteed.

Early versions of this module were yellow. The currently supplied version is off white as per the photos.

Note, care must be taken to ensure there are no other faults in the machine which may have contributed to the failure of the module such as water leaks, damaged inlet valves, pump motor, main motor or anything else connected to the module. No warranty applies for damage by external causes.

We have been supplying appliance parts to the trade and retail for over 25 years. Buy with confidence.

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