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Fisher & Paykel, Haier Front Loader Dual Water Inlet Valve - Part # H0024000126D

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Fisher & Paykel, Haier Front Loader Washing Machine Dual Inlet Valve.

Genuine Part No. H0024000126D.

Other numbers H0024000126, 1897264, 1955078, 2410957, 2511153.

This switch fits some Fisher & Paykel late model front loading washing machines including models WH7560J1 (92137), WH7560J3 (92236-A), WH7560J3 (93249-A), WH7560P1, WH7560P2 (92230), WH7560P2 (92230-A), WH7560P2 (93247-A), WH8060F1 (93255-A), WH8560J3 (93236-A), WH8560J3 (93246-A), WH8060P2 (93248-A), WH7560J3 (92236-A), WH7560J3 (93249-A), WH7560P2 (92230), WH7560P2 (92230-A), WH7560P2 (93247-A), WH8060F1 (93255-A), WH8560J1, WH8560J2, WH8560J3 (93236-A), WH8560J3 (93246-A), WH8060P2 (93229), WH8560P1 (92141), WH8560P2 (93254-A).

Also suits Haier models HWF80BW1, HWF85AW, HWM70-1203D.

Mounting holes are 44mm apart. Solenoids are 240VAC. Fitted with 6.4mm spade terminals.

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