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Fisher & Paykel Gas Stove Matt Black Aux 55mm Burner Cap - Part No. FP530332

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Black Matt Finish Small Aux Burner Cap to suit Fisher & Paykel Gas Stove.

Part No. FP530332, 530332.

Diameter - 55mm. Raised edge on back with raised centre 21.6mm diameter. Solid cast iron with sintered matt coating on top. Total thickness only 4.1mm.

Fits the small burner on some Fisher & Paykel cooktops & freestanding ranges including many CG600 & CG900 series models.

Suits models CG602MJET (87928), CG602QJET (87926), CG603C (80297-A), CG603C (80298-A), CG603WC (80299-A), CG603WC (80300-A), CG603WFC (80301-A), CG603WFC (80302-A), CG604CWCX1 (80935-A), CG604DWCX1 (80666-A), CG604DWFCX1 (80667-A), CG604DWFCX1 (80936-A), CG604LCX1 (80665-A), CG604LCX1 (80934-A), CG9002MJET (87901), CG9002QJET (87677), CG900QJET (87640), CG902MJET (87956), CG902QJET (87954), CG903MJET (80305-A), CG903QJET (80349-A), CG903WFC (80304-A), CG905DWFCM1 (80670-A), CG905DWFCX1 (80669-A), CG905DWFCX1 (80937-A), CG905DWLPACX2 (80965-A), CG905DWNGACX2 (80910-A), DI1200QG (87747), DI1202QG (87892), DI1202QG (87950), DI1203DG (80307-A), DI1203DG (80307-B), CG604CLPX2 (81257-A), CG604CLPX2 (81664-A), CG604CNGX2 (81167-A), CG604CNGX2 (81464-A), CG905CLPX2 (81256-A), CG905CLPX2 (81663-A), CG905CNGX2 (81164-A), CG905CNGX2 (81465-A), GC9002MJET (87901), GC9002QJET (87677). May suit others. If unsure, please provide your model number & product code prior to purchasing.

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