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Fisher & Paykel Fridge Single Bottle Holder Bracket - Part # FP860593, 860593

Fisher & Paykel Fridge Single Bottle Holder Bracket - Part # FP860593, 860593

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Fisher & Paykel Fridge Bottle Holder Bracket.

Part No. FP860593, 860593.

Small plastic bracket used to support bottles placed on the glass shelf on Fisher & Paykel fridges.

Individual bottle holders can be spread out across any shelf in the refrigerator or when not in use can be stacked on top of each other.

They have a groove which clips over a lip at the back of the shelf in some refrigerators. In other refrigerators with different shelf types the bottle holders can be set down directly on the shelf.

The listing is for a single bottle holder

Suitable for many E372BLE, E372BLT, E372BLX, E372BRE, E372BRT, E372BRX, E402BLE, E402BLT, E402BLX, E402BRE, E402BRT, E402BRX, E406BLE, E406BRE, E442BLE, E442BLT, E442BLM, E442BLX, E442BLXFD, E442BRE, E442BRL, E442BRM, E442BRT, E442BRX, E442BRMFD, E442BRXFD, E442BRMFDU, E442BRXFDU, E522BLE, E552BLM, E522BLMFD, E522BLX, E522BLXFD, E522BLXFDU, E522BLXU, E522BRE, E522BRM, E522BRMF, E522BRMFD, E522BRMFDU, E522BRMU, E522BRT, E522BRX, E522BRXFD, E522BRXFDU, E522BRXU, E522BRE-G, E522BLE-G, RF522ADUX, RF522ADX, RF522WDLUX, RF522WDRUX, RF522WDRX, RF610ADUM, RF610ADUX and many other models.

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