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Fisher & Paykel Fridge Defrost Water Evaporation Tray - Part # FP820734, 820734

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Fisher & Paykel Fridge Water Evaporation Tray.

Part No. FP820734, 820734. Replaces Part No. FP814623, 814623.

Tray used to collect and evaporate the defrost water in some cyclic defrost & no-frost Fisher & Paykel fridges.

This part is located above the compressor at the back of the fridge.

Suits models C373, C373R, E440TLE, E442B, E442BRE, E442BRXFD, E522B, E522BRE Series G, E522BRMFDU, E522BRXFD, E522BRXFDUSX4, RF610A, RF610ADUM, RF610ADUX1 & others.

Note this is not the only evaporation tray used in Fisher & Paykel fridges so if you are unsure if this is suitable for your fridge please provide your model number and product code and ask before purchasing.

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