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Fisher & Paykel Frost Free Fridge Control Module - Part # FP838196P

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Control Circuit Board to suit Fisher & Paykel Electronic Frost Free Fridges.

Genuine Part No. FP838196P, 838196P, RFP025.

Replaces Part Nos. FP814534P, FP820817P, FP837764P, FP884519P, 814534P, 820817P, 837764P, 884519P.

This electronic control module is suitable for some electronc F&P fridge models.

Replaces 220-240VAC ST4, ST4.1, ST4.2, ST4.3 & STG4 modules.

This module has changed from the earlier modules that it replaces. Fitting instructions are included.

Used on models: E521T SERIAL CRQ741692 & UEQ740315, E522B SERIAL UKQ780993 & CPQ748510,
E522B 12318, E442B,E521TRX product 23108-a ,E442B product 21526-F,
E381T, E413T, E406B 12050, E402B, E411T 21773-A, E521TLT, E440T 12314 & 20768, E381T 21770-A, E372B 20019,
RF610ADUX, E440TRE3, E440TRT3, E440TLT3, E440TLX3, E440TRX3, E331TRT3, E331TLT3, E381TRT3, E381TLT3,
E381TRE3, E411TRT3, E411TLT3, E411TRE3, E411TRX3, E411TLX3, RF610ADW4, RF522ADW4, E522BRWFD4, E442BRWFD4 prod 23232-a,
E522BRX product 21527-F, RF610AUDX2, E411TRT product 23921-A, E522B product 20171

Should be fitted by a technician. Fully guaranteed.

Note, care must be taken to ensure there are no other faults in the appliance which may have contributed to the failure of the module such as the defrost element, compressor or anything else connected to the module. No warranty applies for damage by external causes.

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