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Fisher & Paykel E381B, E381T, E402B, Compatible Defrost Element - Part # RFP022A

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Non-Genuine Fisher & Paykel 355Watt Fridge / Freezer Defrost Element.

Part No. RFP022A.

Equivalent to Genuine Part No. FP820694P, 820694P, Wilson Part No. FR-05, Qualtex Part No. RFP022.

Replaces FP818971P, 818971P, FP874175, 874175, FP881411P, 881411P, FP883374P, 883374P, FP820694P, 820694P, FP821730P, 821730P.

U-Shaped defrost heating element for the freezer compartment of some 635 series Fisher & Paykel frost free refrigerators & freezers.

322 Watt, 240 Volt AC, 175 ohms.

420mm wide, 160mm & 200mm bent up ends, wiring terminated in 2 pin plug.

Fits 635 series no-frost fridge/freezer models E331T, E372B, E381B, E381T, E411T, E415H, E402B. An adaptor plug may be necessary to allow fitting to very early models although the wires can be cut and joined instead.

Not suitable for models which use R600a gas.

The original element used in some of these models had much shorter bent up ends.

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